PriceWeber’s Convenience Retail Marketing Team helps clients like The Hershey Company, Sunny Sky, and RJ Reynolds maximize compliance and performance. We get that c-store/gas isn’t like other channels. Frequent ownership changes, low-volume accounts, and overstretched field sales staff can make communication difficult. Furthermore, increased competition for facings and display can reduce lift, causing clients to miss their quarterly numbers. Meanwhile, the changing tastes of the convenience shoppers means that we have to continually invest in a deeper understanding of what drives the channel consumer to buy. Our Convenience Retail Marketing Team helps clients overcome these obstacles, streamlining communication within the channel, engaging consumers more effectively, and ultimately driving sales—all while helping our clients save money on execution.


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The Hershey Company tasked PriceWeber with developing a digital solution for its Convenience Store Retail Channel to drive customers enrolled in Hershey trade programs to close their compliance gaps.

Previously, to view their rebate incentive performance and act upon their compliance voids, customers had to rely on in-store visits from Hershey sales representatives. This significantly limited both the customer experience as well as overall compliance closure rates – especially with independent and small chain retailers.


Through a new online self-service approach, customers are now empowered to independently and securely access their trade program performance data anywhere, anytime. This has provided customers with personalized and  timely insights to make confident business and purchasing decisions, all while increasing Hershey sales and trade program closures.

Over the course of a year, PriceWeber engaged in business analysis, research, user experience strategy and design, creative copywriting, and design and interactive development to launch the new Hershey Solutions website and portal. The portal is a one-stop resource for insights, merchandising tools and Hershey trade program management for driving shared category success.

Public (non-authenticated) pages of the site bring the latest information on Hershey candy and snacking innovation, including product release dates and consumer trends as well as merchandising strategies, planograms and shopper engagement insights.

The secure Dashboard, accessible only to those enrolled in Hershey trade incentive programs, displays at-a-glance Hershey revenue totals, earned rebate dollars and any unclaimed rebate opportunities available for the current enrollment period. Through top-level insights down to item-level details, customers can view and download specific action lists filtered by chain, store or trade program component – making it easier than ever to understand and close program compliance gaps. Additionally, product-ordering capability was also added to the site to help fill compliance gaps.

Hershey Solutions is designed for ongoing scalability, with future enhancements already underway. Additional capabilities will include product ordering, promotional marketing, online trade program enrollment, electronic funds transfer for rebates and more.

Hershey Solutions’ primary objective is to provide increased transparency and agency to the customer – leading to greater customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately, increased Hershey sales.


As of May 2020, more than 132,000 total users have visited the site, with an average of 32% growth each month in user base and 17% growth in average session duration. Visits have also grown by an average of 31% per month.

Compared to the previous Convenience Store retail site, Hershey Solutions provided:

  • 421% increase in user base over previous tool
  • 490% increase in sessions over previous tool
  • 13% increase in the number of sessions per user relative to the prior tool
  • Stable session duration

Twenty-three percent of sessions qualified as “engaged” per client definition (sessions over 20 seconds). Two percent of sessions contained a key action (registration event or login). As measured by pageview count, exposure to key “What’s New” content continues to grow at a monthly average of 48.8%.

*Method Compares 788 days of “new site” to “old site”


increase in user base over previous tool

Skill Leader(s)

Steve Kozarovich, Account Director PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY

Steve Kozarovich

Senior Account Director