We are a progressive advertising, marketing and digital company in need of a motivated, skilled and disciplined C# developer to work on our Interactive team. This position will be working full-time at our office in Louisville, KY. Applicants MUST live in the local area and be able to physically work in our Eastern Jefferson County office.

Strong knowledge of C# in a web environment is a must. There will be a test. An ideal candidate would be someone whose friends (if they have any) are constantly annoyed by how much they talk about programming. This person needs to know Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2008/2012 and .NET Framework 3.5/4.0/4.5; those are what we use to build awesome websites.


  • Be able to work well under pressure and deadlines
  • Be organized and punctual
  • Be passionate about programming
  • Be capable of independent thought and research
  • Be able to write well (spelling, punctuation and grammar) outside of an IDE
  • Be a team player, but also able to take an assignment and run with it
  • Be able to set personal deadlines and meet them
  • Be familiar with and follow industry best practices (e.g., source control, self-documenting code, error-free quality control, etc.)
  • Possess a clear understanding that he/she may not be the target user of our clients’ applications, and that best coding practices do not always produce the best end-user experience


  • Be very familiar with IIS/web server architecture
  • Be able to demonstrate strong knowledge of jQuery and Javascript to consume data from web services, render data and customize the display based on specified requirements.
  • Be willing to step up and take the lead as our interactive team continues to grow (as it has for more than a decade)