Shawn Wilkie, Account Director PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY

Account Director

Shawn Wilkie

The fact that Shawn built his own house—overseeing design and construction, working with all manner of contractors, and getting his hands dirty himself—tells you a lot about his role at PriceWeber. A hands-on multi-tasker with more than 20 years as an advertising executive, Shawn has been responsible for strategic analysis and brand development for several multimillion-dollar accounts in the restaurant, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare industries. With his ability and temperament to sift through mounds of data, Shawn is able to discover patterns and solutions where others see only complexity. He also thrives on constructing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with clients, constituents, partners, and vendors. A proven teambuilder, Shawn defines “team” as everyone involved with a product, from manufacturer to customer—making him an invaluable part of our team.

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