Susan Hovekamp - Sr. VP and Director Human Resources - PriceWeber Louisville, KY
Susan Hovekamp, Human Resources Director PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY

Sr. Vice President- Talent and Culture

Susan Hovekamp

Susan Hovekamp is the oil that keeps the PriceWeber engine running smoothly on a daily basis. She oversees everything relating to PriceWeber’s human resources. Susan attracts and helps us retain our amazing talent.  Besides that, Susan is the champion of employee engagement, making sure that every employee has a voice in making PriceWeber a great place to work.


What do people at PriceWeber say about Susan? “Susan is a superb listener.” “Susan is a go-to resource when you need problems solved.” “Susan is one of the nicest people in human history.” “She’s amazing.” If you’re amazing too, Susan would love to talk to you! Check out our careers page or contact her here!

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