K9's for Warriors member with service dog in front of American Flag from Early Times Whisky campaign

There’s no better time than America’s birth month to celebrate our patriotism and express our thanks to those who have fought so hard to preserve it. If you’re age 21 or over, make some time to pour yourself a glass of Early Times Kentucky Whisky and head on over to EarlyTimes.com to find out how Early Times supports recovering veterans.

There, you can watch Reinforcements, an award-winning short film that follows the transformational journey of Travis Davis, a retired Army Corporal struggling with PTSD, as he adjusts to civilian life with the help of Joe Swoboda, a retired Army Sergeant First Class, and his service dog companion, Lilly.

Reinforcements Poster

Over the past few years, we’ve proudly worked alongside our client, Early Times, to produce Reinforcements, the penultimate element of a multi-year campaign that activated online, on social media and via point-of-sale to reach the brand’s patriotic consumers and give back to the men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep our country free.

Going into the campaign, PriceWeber knew that Early Times was positioned as one of America’s true whiskies – deeply rooted in the fabric of America – with some of the most patriotic consumers around. We worked alongside the brand to find an organization that could help them do something to help U.S. Military veterans. We found the perfect match in K9s for Warriors, a nonprofit organization that provides veterans suffering from trauma resulting from military service with service-dogs.

K-9 Saluting our Patriots

With PriceWeber’s help, Early Times established a partnership with K9s for Warriors and made an initial $100,000 donation to sponsor K9 training for five service dogs. Employees at the Brown-Forman Cooperage even built whisky barrel doghouses for some of the service dogs. Meanwhile, we were busy filming the stars of the documentary as they took a road trip from Arlington, Va., to the K9s for Warriors headquarters in Florida.

You’ll have to watch the full film to see what happens. And when you do, Early Times will donate 22 cents to K9s for Warriors for every view or social share (up to $50,000). The donation amount represents the number of veterans lives lost each day as a result of PTSD and other service-related trauma.

We encourage you to join Early Times in the cause – it’s a worthy way to celebrate your patriotism and give back to those who have given so much to keep our country free.

Mike Nickerson, Chief Marketing Officer PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY
Mike Nickerson Chief Marketing Officer