KORBEL Homepage 5

Grab the Bubbly! Toasting life just got easier thanks to the new KORBEL California Champagne website PriceWeber launched for the brand earlier this month. Korbel’s new website, designed for mobile-first use, further positions KORBEL as the Official Sponsor of Brunch® while giving consumers even more ways to engage with the brand.

KORBEL’s new website features an updated color palette, new animations, fun quizzes that entertain and educate consumers, and an upbeat video showing how to chill, uncork and serve the California Champagne.

“KORBEL’s visual identity has evolved across other forms of communication, including point-of-sale, print advertising and television,” said Robert Trinkle, account director and vice president at PriceWeber. “We wanted to align the website with brand evolution and inject more of the fun and liveliness that defines KORBEL into the online experience.”

Thanks to insights from PriceWeber’s planning and research department, our creative team designed and developed a site that will offer a better overall web experience to KORBEL fans. Our account service, creative and digital teams kept mobile and tablet usage trends at the forefront of site development, which has resulted in a more dynamic web experience for the user.

“KORBEL’s brand team has been working to take ownership of the brunch space, leading to our designation as the Official Sponsor of Brunch®,” said Todd Kennedy, brand director of KORBEL California Champagne. “This new site will further solidify our ownership of that space. The site will also allow consumers to browse our full family of products, search for fun and seasonal cocktail recipes and learn about the history of KORBEL.”

PriceWeber serves as the agency of record for Brown-Forman Corp. brands including Early Times Kentucky Whisky, Collingwood Blended Canadian Whisky and Canadian Mist Blended Canadian Whisky. Our relationship with Brown-Forman has seen the development and launch of several successful projects in recent years, including the redesigned Collingwood Whisky Website, recognized by Communication Arts as the Webpick of the Day in 2016, and television spots for KORBEL California Champagne that secured two Telly Awards in 2016.

PriceWeber’s work for Brown-Forman Corp. brands earned top honors in the annual Beverage Dynamics Awards competitions for the past three years, with the agency bringing home more awards than any other entrant for the past two years.

Mike Nickerson, Chief Marketing Officer PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY
Mike Nickerson Chief Marketing Officer