The PriceWeber manufacturing practice dates back to our first day in business in 1968 and includes manufacturing clients in OEM trucking and parts, aerospace, elastomers and polymers, industrial refrigeration, and the specialty chemicals vertical to name a few.


We understand that to succeed in manufacturing, each organization needs a strong brand, a superior reputation, and a steady stream of leads to keep the assembly line rolling. We achieve this for our clients through extensive customer insights research, a disciplined understanding of each client’s unique industry as well as the factors that influence it, an understanding of the competitive set and deep relationships with trade media. This allows PriceWeber to cut through the web of complicated sales channels that challenge our manufacturing clients to zero in on the exact right audience and ensure that they receive the right message to lead them along the buying journey to an order. This helps us achieve the ultimate goal for our clients – shareholder value – year after year.


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Global Branding Solution

Bright red and white Cummins facility sign


Cummins, a global technology manufacturer of truck, marine, and RV engines and power generation units, had seen minimal growth for a span of several years. With flat growth came relatively flat share prices to a company who, like many, considered producing shareholder value a fundamental responsibility. The challenge was for PriceWeber to determine the factors that were holding back global sales and stifling share value, and determine a solution that would help reverse both trends.

Cummins brand architecture before and after rebrand shows simplified global architecture


PriceWeber conducted in-depth research into the Cummins brand, as well as like manufacturers and their customers. After analyzing the data, it became clear that there were two main issues holding the company back. First, their brand had become heavily fragmented by product lines and distributors. Nearly 40 brand marks were being used to market Cummins products, causing confusion among customers. Second, related to this brand fragmentation was fragmented messaging that led customers to have differing ideas of what Cummins’ unique selling position was.

To resolve this customer confusion, PriceWeber set out to solidify the brand and its global identity prior to developing a communication strategy. The agency created the global Cummins logo and identity by including the iconic red engine, and consolidated all business units under a massively simplified architecture. From field offices and distributors to service vehicles and uniforms, all aspects of the company were rebranded under one flag.

Cummins service truck and Big Red Cummins engine, both parts of the rebrand work by PriceWeber

Based on additional customer research, activation came in the form of new messaging around “uptime” and “reliability.” These concepts, communicated through sales force training and elements, trade media, digital, and trade shows became the hallmarks of the brand reputation.

Cummins X-15 engine brochure created after Cummins rebrand


By putting these insights to work globally and through every customer touchpoint, we helped to drive more customers and achieve greater sales, ultimately leading to explosive share growth.

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Brad Mercer

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Jonathan Bone

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