Robert Trinkle, VP Account Director PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY

Vice President, Account Director

Robert Trinkle

Robert Trinkle, is the VP Account Director of our beverage practice.  He has the passion, strategic vision and energy to make big things happen for brands.

Robert helps Brown-Forman Corp.’s portfolio of beverage brands to grow, even in very competitive market conditions. The brands his team tackles include Korbel California Champagne, Early Times Kentucky Whisky, Cooper’s Craft, Canadian Mist and Finlandia Vodka.

Robert is the rare account guy whose creative insight matches his ability to develop business-transforming strategies. His expertise includes traditional brand development, channel marketing, trade marketing and shopper marketing but also includes experiential and sponsorship marketing. Because of that combination of strengths and his boundless drive to build client brands, Robert is a formidable asset for PriceWeber and for all the clients he works with.

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