There’s no better way to start a New Year than with a new client. And when that client includes a polar bear, snowy owls, Siberian tiger, and western lowland gorillas (to name a few)…that’s just icing on top.

In case you haven’t already guessed, PriceWeber has welcomed The Louisville Zoo to our client roster, and they’ve welcomed us into their “marketing habitat.”

PriceWeber is now providing comprehensive advertising, public relations and branding services to our region’s leading zoological and botanical attraction, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We were selected from six different agencies for the job last fall, and work is already underway in support of the Louisville Zoo’s strategic vision for the future. That vision includes increased activity around conservation, education and scientific study in addition to being the region’s top choice for quality, family fun.

“The Louisville Zoo is excited to welcome PriceWeber as a new strategic partner as we plan celebrations for our 50th anniversary in 2019 and look forward to building our nationally-recognized brand through a new Master Plan released this past year,” said Zoo director John Walczak.

As one of the region’s most popular family attractions, the Louisville Zoo exhibits more than 1,500 animals on 134 acres of natural settings that represent zoogeographical areas, specific habitat types and special education areas that include its signature award-winning exhibits Glacier Run, Gorilla Forest and the Islands.

“PriceWeber believes the Louisville Zoo serves as one of several essential cultural hubs that make the city one of the most livable, family-friendly cities in the country,” said Fred Davis, PriceWeber’s chief executive officer. “We look forward to putting our full complement of talent and resources to work to increase awareness, passion, support and attendance for the Zoo.”

Learn more about the Louisville Zoo and their strategic vision for the future at www.louisvillezoo.org.

Mike Nickerson, Chief Marketing Officer PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY
Mike Nickerson Chief Marketing Officer