For the fifth year in a row, PriceWeber swept the competition in the annual Beverage Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards, receiving first place for overall Best Cross-Category Campaign and a total of 41 awards and 22 first place wins on behalf of Brown-Forman Corp. brands including Coopers’ Craft™, Canadian Mist®, Early Times®, KORBEL® California Champagne, Finlandia Vodka®  and Old Forester®.

The 35th annual Beverage Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards honor companies and agencies for the best design and execution of branded content in the beverage alcohol industry from the past year. The Beverage Information Group editorial staff, along with industry experts, judge award entries based on creativity, effectiveness as a sales communications tool and production value.

PriceWeber was recognized for work spanning print advertising, outdoor advertising, digital advertising, digital sweepstakes, in-store displays, on-premise education and signage, social media, sales and promotional items, website development, and new media.

 “We continue to rely heavily on research to deliver consumer insights that serve as the foundation for effective strategy and creative,” said Robert Trinkle, partner, vice president and account director at PriceWeber. “We are fortunate to work with clients that also understand the role of consumer insights in building iconic brands. It is this client trust paired with an ever-growing stable of sensational talent that enables PriceWeber to deliver consistently year after year.”

Creative directors and PriceWeber associates who contributed to this year’s body of winning work include Robert Trinkle, Kristen Ungru, Marc Linquist, Clint Martin, James Reid, Janet Martin, Maddie Pierce, Carolyn Moses, Rachel Free, JC Thorpe, Shelby Stickler, Dan Dry, Katrina Gallagher, Tristin Schifferdecker, Keaton Price, Justin Smith, Laurabeth Schmidt and Tyrus Christiana.

PriceWeber brought home first-place awards in the following categories:

  • Best Cross-Category Campaign – Coopers’ Craft
  • Branded Wearable – Finlandia
  • Case Card – KORBEL
  • Digital Cross-Promotional Campaign – Finlandia
  • Digital Game, Contest or Sweepstakes – Early Times
  • Holiday or Special Ad – KORBEL
  • Interactive Social Media Campaign – Canadian Mist
  • Off-Premise Education – KORBEL
  • Off-Premise Signage – KORBEL
  • On-Premise Education – Coopers’ Craft
  • On-Premise Signage – Finlandia
  • Other Premium Item – Coopers’ Craft
  • Poster – Early Times
  • Recipe Book – Coopers’ Craft
  • Sales Brochure or Sell Sheet – Coopers’ Craft
  • Shelf Talker – KORBEL
  • Social Media Account – Early Times
  • Sports Sponsorship – Finlandia
  • Value Added Packaging – Coopers’ Craft
  • Web Ad Campaign – Finlandia
  • Web Video – Canadian Mist
  • Website – Coopers’ Craft

 PriceWeber brought home second-place awards in the following categories:

  • Best Cross-Category Campaign – Canadian Mist
  • Case Card – Canadian Mist
  • Digital Cross-Promotional Campaign – Canadian Mist
  • Holiday or Special Ad – Coopers’ Craft
  • Interactive Social Media Campaign – Early Times
  • Off-Premise Signage – Canadian Mist
  • On-Premise Education – Canadian Mist
  • Outdoor or Transit Ad – Finlandia
  • Poster – Canadian Mist
  • Shelf Talker – KORBEL
  • Web Video – Old Forester

 PriceWeber brought home third-place awards in the following categories:

  • Best Cross-Category Campaign – Finlandia
  • Case Card – Coopers’ Craft
  • Consumer Print Ad – KORBEL
  • Digital Cross-Promotional Campaign – Canadian Mist
  • Interactive Social Media Campaign – Canadian Mist
  • Off-Premise Signage – KORBEL
  • Outdoor or Transit Ad – Coopers’ Craft
  • Poster – Finlandia

 A complete list of winners is available here.



Tamara Davis Public Relations Director