Courtney Henderson - Director of SEO - PriceWeber
Courtney Henderson - Director of SEO, PriceWeber

Director of SEO

Courtney Henderson

From agency life to in-house services to freelancing, Courtney has tackled marketing from many angles. Now as the Director of SEO at PriceWeber, she specializes in crafting highly effective and creative search optimization strategies. By understanding how both humans and machines think, she excels in driving organic leads for businesses both locally and nationally.

Courtney’s approach to SEO goes beyond technicalities and algorithms. She knows that at the core of any successful SEO strategy is the ability to connect with people. By aligning optimization efforts with audience insights, search intent, and learning styles, she ensures her strategies resonate and deliver tangible results.

With a passion for delivering exceptional results, Courtney is proud to be part of the driving force behind PriceWeber’s SEO success. She loves helping clients achieve visibility, growth, and an enduring online presence. When she’s not running audits or researching keywords, you can find her spending time with family and friends and trying to remember to drink more water.