Mary Kate Reed - Media Director - PriceWeber Louisville, KY
Mary Kate Reed, Media Director PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville KY

Sr. VP and Media Director

Mary Kate Reed

Mary Kate Reed, PriceWeber’s Media Director once said that when she was an undergraduate studying marketing, she hated media classes. But then, at her first job out of college, she was asked to do some media planning. Thrown into the real world—no hypothetical numbers, no pretend benefits for imaginary clients—she thrived. And a media star was born. Since then, Mary Kate earned a wealth of strategy and buying experience for clients of all sizes. Her key negotiation and interpersonal skills allow her to plan and place media across numerous industries. At PriceWeber, “MK” demonstrates her uncanny knack for details, powerful work ethic, and superior communication and organizational abilities daily. Because MK is able to manage a range of requests and deadlines with ease and efficiency, she’s an asset our clients—and our agency—really can’t live without.

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